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Information on Dental Implants in Grand Junction CO

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Dental Implants

Dental Implants in Grand Junction, CO

Regain Your Full Smile with 

Whether you lost a tooth in a bicycle accident or from periodontal disease, it makes you more reluctant to smile. It causes some problems while you eat. It can even lead your jaw to deteriorate due to a lack of structural support.

Fortunately, Aaron G Birch Family Dental can service your dental implants in Grand Junction, CO. First, an oral surgeon installs your dental implants. Then, we attach false teeth to your implants that look and work like real teeth. These crowns create a smile and structural jaw support that can last a lifetime.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants form a base for artificial teeth. These replacement teeth help you smile, eat, and speak comfortably again.

Getting implants happens in three steps:

  • An oral surgeon places the implant. This metal screw attaches to your jawbone, which then grows around the implant to establish a stable base. Your gums and bone take 3 to 6 months to heal, but we place temporary crowns to give you a natural smile while you wait.
  • We attach the abutment. The abutment serves as the connection between your implants and your new teeth. We place it once your mouth has healed.
  • We install the crown. We use an impression of your abutment and surrounding teeth to make a permanent crown. We place the crown as soon as it is complete, usually within a couple weeks. Soon after that, you will be smiling and chewing like normal.

Count on Caring Service

Many people find dental work intimidating, so at Aaron G Birch Family Dental, we help you relax. Our personal approach helps you know we care about people, not procedures. Our clean, hygienic facilities also show our commitment to you. We work hard to create a soothing environment where you can relax, knowing you are in capable and caring hands.

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